Prologue (‘Ripple Ideas’ Series)

This series has emerged from a rough idea that I have been nurturing (not too closely) for quite a long period. Academically, I can say that it relates tightly to my doctoral project of advocating an imaginative space while engaging with objects. I have also been inspired by experiments and practices of creative writing by using objects as stimulus. It is beyond cross-disciplinary study. It is itself a creative initiative. To this end, I find that pursuing a theoretical meditation is not of much help in further developing this little thought.

At present, I am only writing this for fun. And I call it ‘Rippling Ideas’. The idea is that I select one artwork/object from Google Art Project, and, without doing any research, start free forms of writing. I assume most of my writing will be in the form of poetic language or stories. Then, I refer back to the information given by Google and pursue more research to find out the details that I am interested in.

With my humble prediction, such writing and thinking exercise will at least help myself in the following aspects: 1) further advancing my writing skills (integrating different styles of writing); 2) improving creative thinking skills and poetic meditation; 3) encouraging me to read stuff in certain domains (which I might not be interested in at the first place); 4) learning more about famous and not-so-famous artworks around the world. And there might be many more benefits, or maybe I shall say, dimensions of learning.

Right now, I am working on the first post, and it takes longer than I expected. Anyway, I hope I can keep the momentum. Hope you will enjoy this series as well and feel free to leave your comments on my blog.


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