About this blog

About Me:

I have completed my PhD at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. My doctoral research is about museum education, and in particular, the capacity of cultural objects to stimulate imaginative thinking. I apply self-narrative and arts-informed methods and I am keen on using poetic language and impressionistic writing to carry out and present research.

I write different blogs, among which this one focuses on various things about my personal experience and thoughts about museums as well as ‘studies’ and ‘musing’ about objects.

Before I studied at Cambridge, I lived one year in Oxford where I obtained my Master’s degree in anthropology. I was born and raised  in Shanghai, where I am now living. I speak mandarin, shanghainese (the local dialect in Shanghai), English, French and just a tiny bit of Spanish.


My other blogs:

Personal blog in Chinese:


Research blog:


A new blog called Zenful Zone (about Zen, Chinese Tea, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.)



Contact Me:

Email: dreamingselena@icloud.com

Twitter: Selenayuan

Facebook: Selena Yuan

Weibo: 雅竹隐客

Academia: Selena Yuan

Research Gate: Selena Yuan

About this Blog:

I hope to write about and reflect on my own experiences related to museums. The posts here are not entirely academic, nor are they solely for entertainment. But I promise that they are authentic! Feel free to leave your comments.



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